Rabbi Shay Nave hosted Roni Kantor (05) for a conversation with young women from Nishmat College in Jerusalem, about gifts that the religious and secular worlds can give each other.

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Merav Even Chen Solomon (01) connected the graduates of the program with Oranim College as part of the school’s fourth annual Socio-Political Week, orchestrated by the students. The graduates took part in the various conversation circles and panels: Moshe (Kinley) Tur-Paz, Kher Albaz, Chen Arieli and Ran Yul (01); Michel Ben Shitrit and Amnon Rabinovitz (02); Anat Mufkadi (05); and of course Prof. Amit Schejter (02), president of Oranim College, who took an active part in this week’s activities. Thanks to the Co.Lab connections, there was also a representative of the Conservative Movement (thanks to Avi Novis Deutsch (01)) and of Be Free Israel (thanks to Uri Keidar (03))


Tomer Avital (02) and Yoni Tshuna(01) met at a Co.Lab alumni event and thought of doing something together, and so a fascinating podcast was born in which Tomer explores the connection between bullying in schools and Israeli politics. Yoni is one of the interviewees.

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Bat Galim Share hosted Rodayna Badir (graduates of Co.Lab 03) on a national morning program about Rodayna’s new project, promoting technological enrichment for mothers from Arab society. For the interview