Meeting in Jerusalem, JAN 2, 23

At the Pedagogical Center of  Maayan Hachinuch Hatorani. 

Gabi Cohen, 03 alumnus and 04-05 facilitator, the Center’s Director, hosted us and shared his life biography and significant events that express complex encounters in the Israeli society. The conversation with the alumni continued for much more, as usual, and led to new connections between the participants. 

Co.Lab-Breakfast in Northern Israel. June 9, 21

We met for a northern Co.Lab Breakfast in the vacation village alongside Kitron Winery, in a green atmosphere and right next to Co.Lab 06. We got to know each other, updated each other, and spoke mainly about identity, belonging, exposure vs. concealment, and on shared living in this time. It was fun to meet like this in the middle of the week for an intimate morning with: Merav Solomon Even Chen, Danny Gal, and Itay Yavin (01), Mendy Rabinowitz (04), Ruthie Saragusti, the strategic planning director of the Israeli office, and Dafna.


Co.Lab-Breakfast in Central Israel. March 16, 21

a goat farm surrounded by greenery! It was interesting to get to know the graduates who shared their fields of work, interest and about their initiatives: Shimon Vaknin (01), Yaqub Ibrahim and Michal Halamish (03), Inbar Bluzer Shalem and Yohan Atlan (04), Amitay Yaish Ben Ouzilio and Shuki Elhadad (05). We are already excited for the next meeting, which will take place in northern Israel!


Jerusalem Botanical Garden. Feb.16,21

A small group of alumni, with representatives of the Israeli office of UJA and Dafna.

Yotam Reshef (06) hosted us at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, including a tour of the wonderful cherry blossoms that bloom two weeks a year, in sunny and pleasant weather, just before the storm. We talked, among other things, about each person’s different areas of work, about individual resilience, and about social cohesion in this period. It was so interesting that we stayed an hour beyond the original plan.

We were happy to meet with Shmuel Shattach and Hagit Molgan Hammel (03), Eli Schnap, Amir Sznajderman and Shalom Boguslavsky(04) and Shaindy Sadovsky (05).