Lockdown or not, the show must go on. The participants in the program responded to the call of Hili Tropper, Minister of Culture and Sport, and a representative of philanthropic foundations, to offer ideas for initiatives to return cultural institutions to operation in the face of the COVID crisis. 

It was  long day of simulations in which they worked in four groups, researched, met experts (including Oren Yitzhaki, Graduate of Co.Lab 05), answered questions posed by Uri and and by lobbyists on behalf of the artists’ associations, developed, sent proposals to the assistant to the Minister of Culture, and at the end of the day presented their proposals to a wide and challenging forum of officials from the world of culture and philanthropy (Ayala Moses, advisor to the Minister of Culture; Giyora Yahalom, director of the Culture and Arts Branch of the Tel Aviv Municipality; Ibtisam Mara’ana; screenwriter, director, film and television producer and media expert; Ariel Markose, director of the Jerusalem Model community; Uri Leventer-Roberts, director general of the Israeli office of the UJA.

  1. Artist Incubators – A program to promote artists in the periphery through a network of incubators that will be a place for creativity, learning, shared development, and professional mentoring along with a connection to the place and the community; Which will also provide space and tools for creativity and artistic enterprise. Artists will be granted loans on excellent terms that will be repaid in cultural or creative performances intended for the community and for specific populations.
  2. (a) Venues for making rich and diverse culture accessible to the general public and to encourage cultural consumption while providing financial assistance to artists; (B) Enrichment and professional development for artists in the field of digital training and marketing.
  3. Digital platform (market-place) for Israeli culture: Artists, cultural organizations and institutions will present activities on the platform for the benefit of municipalities, organizations, and communities, who can choose the shows, events, or activities that they wish. The project will also support adaptation of activities to the limits of the COVID period.
  4. Culture Festival: A year of culture marked by connections between communities and artists all over the country, which will include visits to museums, art performances, theater performances, works of art and writing, cinema, dance, etc.

At the end of the panel, each participant chose the initiative that he or she connected with the most, and a discussion was held about the group process.