What's going on in the Collborative Lab?

February 2022


Community Events

Gathering & Programs

 25.5.21 Alumni meeting with rabbis who lead congregations in New York

Following the events in Israel, the UJA Jewish Federation of New York initiated...

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Co.Lab Zoom
Community zoom sessions on rotating topics on the first Monday of each month, for the purpose of learning, acquaintance, and collaboration.

3.1.21 Open Dialogue: Pardon the Question, Pardon the Answer
Yaqub Ibrahim (03) led a discussion on the connection between different cultures and different...

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Co.Lab-Breakfast is a meeting over breakfast and a conversation on the Israeli society, challenges, entrepreneurship, impact, philanthropy, and more.

Co.Lab-Breakfast in Northern Israel 9.6.21

We met for a northern Co.Lab Breakfast in the vacation village alongside Kitron Winery, in a green atmosphere and...

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Rabbi Shay Nave hosted Roni Kantor (05) for a conversation with young women from Nishmat College in Jerusalem, about gifts that the religious and secular worlds can give each other.

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Merav Even Chen Solomon (01) connected the graduates of the...

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Co.Lab Graduates In action

Lili Ben Ami (05) continues her work preventing domestic violence, this time in cooperation with the Tel Aviv municipality, hanging a series of posters with red flags for toxic relationships throughout the city. 

The initiative of Yotam Tolub (02) and Zhava Harel (02) to accompany...

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Nominations and Publications

David Abate (03) was selected as one of the 40 young influential leaders under the age of 40 by the Globes newspaper.

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Sarah Evron (04), currently the director general of the Yaakov...

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Against all odds, and under all the constraints of the COVID era, Co.Lab 06 is advancing in its journey.

Participants come from a variety of communities in Israeli society, and from diverse fields of activity

To the list of participants
"From Jerusalem I send you blessings for great success on your important journey."

We were privileged to receive the blessing of President Rivlin

"The order of the day, today, is to increase solidarity amongst ourselves; to understand that we are dependent on each other, partners with one another, tied by a fateful bond of a common destiny."

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