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Community Events



23.6.2022 CoLab 06 reunion

Almost a year has passed since the end of CoLab 06, and we miss the encounter and the deep conversation.


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Graduates in the field

Alumni in Action


Rabbi Shay Nave hosted Roni Kantor (05) for a conversation with young women from Nishmat College in Jerusalem, about...

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Against all odds, and under all the constraints of the COVID era, Co.Lab 06 is advancing in its journey.

Participants come from a variety of communities in Israeli society, and from diverse fields of activity

To the list of participants
"From Jerusalem I send you blessings for great success on your important journey."

We were privileged to receive the blessing of President Rivlin

"The order of the day, today, is to increase solidarity amongst ourselves; to understand that we are dependent on each other, partners with one another, tied by a fateful bond of a common destiny."

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Co.Lab 08 is Good to Go

With a sparkle in our eyes and a desire to get acquainted, learn, influence, and generate new connections to promote social cohesion, Co.Lab 08 is setting out!

Participants list

Program participants come from diverse communities, from the social and public sectors, and from different spheres: society, education and community, media, art and culture, health, social entrepreneurship, Jewish renewal, and more.
Together they embark on a joint 30-day journey in which they will meet, study, and delve deeper into social issues, their differences will initiate and promote joint social action.